Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who controls the dam?
A. The Town of Sanford
Q. Why is there a Courtesy Boat Inspection at the Public Boat Ramp?
A. To check for invasive plants that could enter our waters on boats and trailers.
Q. Who can we contact about an erosion problem or if I want to work on my retaining wall?
A. Email:
Q. What is a ‘Water Safety Zone’?
A. The body of water 200 feet off any shoreline be that the mainland or off an island. State of Maine Watercraft Operation Law states: ‘Within 200 feet of any shore, watercraft cannot exceed headway speed. Headway s[peed is the minimum speed necessary to Maintain steerage and control of the watercraft while the watercraft is moving’.
Q. How do I register my boat?
A. You can register your boat at Town Hall or through the website for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
Q. How can I find out about a ‘Boating Education Course’?
A. Call Bob Anderson at 207-477-8588 or go online at Maine Department of Fisheries and wildlife.
Q. How deep is the lake?
A. Generally speaking Mousam and Goose Pond are considered fairly shallow. Attention to buoys is essential. The deepest point on Mousam is 98’. Shallow depths are mostly found in coves and inlets. Depths on Lower Mousam range from 2’-36’.
Q. How big is Mousam Lake in acres?
A. 900 acres
Q. How I contact an MLRA Board Member?
A. Go to Contact Us page on If you don’t see a topic, send note to the box and you will be contacted.
Q. If I have questions about the Lake or Activities, whom do I contact?
A. Go to our website under Contact us and link to the appropriate ‘person’. Someone will get back to you.

News & Events 9/2/2018

Mousam Public Launch Closing

ATTENTION:   The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is planning to reconstruct the public boat launch on Mousam Lake this fall.  They will need to close the facility from approximately September 17th to October 5th to complete the project.  Please plan accordingly as it relates to taking your watercraft out of Mousam.  We are unaware of any intentional draw down of the lake level to perform this repair however we will let you know if this is to take place prior to the start date.

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Local News 3/26/2015

Eves: Maine towns struggle to staff volunteer fire departments


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