MLRA Invasive Plant Patrol

For the 2014 season the MLRA and the YCIASP/ ME VLMP will focus our efforts on 1)developing a cohesive MLRA IPP team 2) providing additional training to past workshop attendees as well as training for new folks with an interest in learning more about invasive plants and, 3) coordinating the efforts of IPP trained volunteers to provide plant patrol coverage of the entire Mousam/Lower Mousam/Goose Pond shorelines. This year’s MLRA annual meeting (Saturday, June 28th at the Acton Fair Grounds) will feature Laurie Callahan and IPP team development, training, and shoreline coverage will all be key topics of the meeting.  I encourage you attend and to bring your friends and neighbors too in the interest of protecting our lake!


MLRA is currently working with YCIASP (York County Invasive Aquatic Species Program) to set up additional training opportunities for current and new IPP members. Over the past few years at least one training workshop has taken place somewhere on the lake and we are in the process of scheduling another workshop this year (date and location on the lake TBD).  Once dates are confirmed we will post to the MLRA website and include in our next newsletter. We’ll also have much more information on the MLRA IPP at the annual meeting.


If you are interested in attending training before then, there is a VLMP Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP) Introductory workshop scheduled for Acton, coordinated and hosted by AWWA and cohosted by YCIASP, YCSWCD and several area lake associations on Sat., June 14th. This will be a great opportunity for MLRA folks to get early season training to "kick-off" the 2014 IPP season.


Attached is a map of the lake that identifies areas currently with volunteer coverage and "priority area" along that we are looking for more volunteers for.  If your favorite area is already being covered by a volunteer don’t worry! Having multiple volunteers patrolling the same areas is not a bad thing.  If you are interested in helping out with this effort, you may select any area you want and we can have multiple people patrolling the same area. The key is to eventually have volunteer monitors covering as much of the lake as possible.   


Being a plant patrol member means you are equipped with the tools to know what to do when you see something out of the ordinary with plants in or around the lake. Patrolling for invasive aquatic plants primarily involves snorkeling, kayaking, or canoeing around the shoreline of the lake. If this is something you love to do or already do regularly throughout the growing season, then being a member of an IPP team is for you.  YOU are the front line eyes on the lake and are the first line of defense in protecting the lake from aquatic invaders.

If you are interested in joining the MLRA IPP and covering your area on the IPP map, please email us at


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