Mystery Snails


Generally found in flowing water or proximity to flowing water (e.g., river mouths). Adults >25mm. Live-bearers - juvenile snails are retained inside the mantle of the mother for several weeks. Feed primarily on particulate detritus in soft sediments.

Campeloma decisum

Campeloma decisum

Shell aperture oval - operculum with a concentric (central) nucleus. Outer shell surface greenish in color with no banding, shell interior white to light blue. Shoulders of whorls rounded and distinct from previous whorl - sutures that separate whorls are indented. Smooth with no sculpturing other than fine striae. 25mm.

Viviparus georgianus

The shell aperture and operculum nearly circular - operculum with a concentric (central) nucleus. Outer shell surface brown to tan with 4 bands. Shell interior usually white or with a purplish hue. Shoulders between shell whorls weak, sutures are indented. 38mm.

Cipangopaludina chinensis malleataCipangopaludina japonica

Cipangopaludina chinensis and japonica

Shell aperature round to oval with a reflected, black pigmented lip. Operculum with a submarginal (located nearer the outer lip) nucleus. Outer shell surface light to dark olive-green, without any color bands. Whorls are strongly convex, with a very slight shoulder, and the suture is deeply indented. Shell sculpture consists of fine growth lines, spiral lines and fine to moderate malleations over the entire surface.

C. chinensis - shell with more rounded shoulders and broader shape

C. japonica - narrower and more turreted shell - sculpted (carinate). to 65mm.

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