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Vicron Security Services


25 Rosemont Avenue

North Waterboro, ME, USA 04061


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Vicron Perimeter CheckVicron Security Services is York County's very own professional private security company, established to fill a void in the community year-round by providing an additional/supplemental security option for privately owned properties within York County, Maine.

Our uniformed security professionals conduct patrols and site visits in highly visible, marked security vehicles, so that it becomes well known that there is a security presence at your property. A highly visible security presence is the number one deterrence to unwanted activities!
We are licensed by the Maine Department of Public Safety through the Maine State Police. We are bonded and insured so that we can serve our neighbors with confidence. Our service is backed by more than 30 years of experience providing protection to a full spectrum of property types.


Nothing beats "Boots on the Ground"

Vicron Truck Licensed by the State of Maine, Department of Public Safety, with over 30 years of experience, Vicron Security Services provides a contracted professional physical security service customized to your needs. As such, the cost of our services is dependent upon each of our client's specific needs. We make every effort to provide a reasonable and affordable pricing schedule for our clients, including various discount programs. The basic security services that we provide to seasonal and year-round, both vacant and occupied, properties, include:

  • Neighborhood Watch Vehicle Patrols: From one house to one thousand houses, we conduct random, highly visible street patrols of residential streets and neighborhoods. Whether you live in a seasonal cottage neighborhood or a year-round established neighborhood, our guard service provides an additional layer of protection for your neighborhood or street.
  • Parking Lot Vehicle Patrols: Shopping centers, office parks, industrial parks, condominiums, hotels, motels, medical facilities, marinas, and airports all benefit from having a known security presence on their property.
  • Exterior Building Checks: For all privately owned homes and businesses (whether occupied or vacant), our guards do a complete exterior security check of your property, which includes door checks, window checks, and out-buildings, while at the same time identifying any abnormal or unusual conditions on and around your property. This does not include interior checks of the building.
  • Interior Building Checks: We conduct interior security patrols of homes and businesses in conjunction with an Exterior Building Check. It only makes sense that if we are going to enter a building that we first check the exterior perimeter and surrounding area prior to entering.
  • Construction Sites Patrols: We also provide security checks and patrol service to construction sites, not only to check buildings, but also construction equipment that remains unattended at the site.
  • Alarm Response: For a flat monthly rate, up to 30 alarm calls per month, we will, in conjunction with the alarm monitoring center, respond to alarms, ensure the property is secure, reset alarm and clear with the alarm monitoring center, producing a quick resolution of the issue and thereby precluding initial police involvement.
  • Armed Escort Service: For businesses that transport large volumes of cash, such as daily receipts to the bank, or transport high-value items. We will provide this service in our vehicle, our clients vehicle, or in separate vehicles.

We provide high visibility professional security services for the purpose of deterring unwanted activities at our clients' properties. Our focus is to observe and report. That is why putting the trained Vicron watchful eye on your property gives you complete peace of mind. This is a contracted service -- written agreement/contract is required.

York County's homeowners, business owners, associations, and organizations, along with real estate agents, and rental agents can all be assured that the right people are taking care of their security needs.


We are happy to discuss your security needs with you!
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm


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