2011 Photo Contest

Photos from the 2011 MLRA photo contest.

Landscape. "Cat Tail Circle - Fall Reflection​s" - James Novotny Sr.  2011 Photo Contest Overall Winner.

Seasonal.  "Snowshoei​ng on Mousam" - Melodie Batson

Landscape.  "Grrreat" - R. Russ Batson

Sunset.  "Mousam beach sunset" - Sandra Cutting

Ardun at the Trading Post" - Mary Ann Gonnam


span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Animal. "Ardun in his life vest" - Mary Ann Gonnam

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Animal.  "Dinosaur turtle" - Deb Williams

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Animal.  "Heron, dusk" - Deb Williams

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Animal.  "Moose on the Loose" - Deb Williams

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Animals. "Heron Fishing" - James novotny Sr

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Events.  "Third Place Winners" - Melodie Batson. Category winner

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Historical​.  "All in a days work" - R. Russ Batson. Category winner

span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Landscape. "Sachem Island" - Mary Gannon.


Landscape. "Morning Serenity" - Steve Lincourt


span class="alignleft gphoto-photocaption-caption">Landscape. "Peace at Dusk" - Debbie Williams.


Seasonal. "Rainbow" - James Novotny Sr

Landscape. "Morning Maple Glow" - James Novotny Sr.


Animals. "Heron - Look out" - James Novotny Sr. Category Winner.


 People. Kimberly Nordling. Category Winner

Sunrise / set. "Sunset - Ham Cove" -  Sandra Cutting. Category Winner.

Landscape.  "Lightning​" - Matt Penney


Sunrise/se​t.  "Sunset from Mousam Beach" - Sandra Cutting

Landscape.  "Sunset reflection​" - Deb Williams

Animal.  "Bird of Prey" - Debra Penney

Plants.  "Plants" - Debra Penney. Category winner

Landscape.  "The Garden Path" - Debra Penney

Landscape.  "A Day at the Lake" - Debra Penney

Landscape.  "Tranquili​ty" - Debra Penney

Seasonal.  "Final Voyage 2008" - Matt Penney

Sports.  "Wakeboard wipeout" - Matt Penney

Sunset.  "Sunset" - Matt Penney

Landscape.  "Sitting Pretty" - Melodie Batson

Seasonal.  "Year Round Plumbing" - R. Russ Batson

Sports.  "No fear at 3.5 years" - R. Russ Batson. Category winner

Sports.  "No whining on Mousam" - Melodie Batson

Sunset.  "Sunset on Mousam Lake" - Melodie Batson

News & Events 9/2/2018

Mousam Public Launch Closing

ATTENTION:   The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is planning to reconstruct the public boat launch on Mousam Lake this fall.  They will need to close the facility from approximately September 17th to October 5th to complete the project.  Please plan accordingly as it relates to taking your watercraft out of Mousam.  We are unaware of any intentional draw down of the lake level to perform this repair however we will let you know if this is to take place prior to the start date.

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Local News 3/26/2015

Eves: Maine towns struggle to staff volunteer fire departments


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